Motorsport Detailing

We know most customers like that raced, tar spattered dusty look but if you’re not in that group we can help. Our in house detailer is certified and fully insured who specialise in paint correction, ceramic coating, and paint enhancement. We also offer valeting for a wide range of discerning customers, private car collectors and select automotive dealerships.

Level Two Detail

Exterior & Interior + hybrid top coat applied to body and wheels using: gyeon q2 cancoat pro or titan ultra, hydrophobic sealant applied to glass & 12 months exterior protection.
  • decontamination wash with citrus degreaser
  • acid free wheel clean (faces, barrels and calipers)
  • snow foam pre-wash and deep soak
  • ph-neutral shampoo using super soft wash mitts
  • safe wash method using two buckets with grit guards
  • heavy road film and tar removal where applicable
  • each wash stage rinsed with purified water
  • glass treated with hydrophobic cleaner
  • gloss enhancing hydrophobic sealant applied to body
  • exhaust tips cleaned and polished
  • deep tyre cleanse and dressed
  • interior vacuum including boot (where possible)
  • all soft and hard surfaces lightly cleaned
  • glass cleaned for a crystal clear finish

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